How to bet

Note: you must bet from an Ethereum address registered with woyale. The profit of a winning bet from an unregistered address will be forfeited and the original wager will be returned. Please see "Rules" for more details.

Basic concepts
Bet with what?
You bet with Ether, which is a cryptocurrency similar to BitCoin. You can acquire it from many exchange sites.
An open-source, blockchain-based computing platform featuring smart contract functionality. It is not controlled by anyone or any organization. Our games are on Ethereum as smart contracts. You place bet on these smart contracts via Ethereum. For more information about Ethereum, please visit here.
Ethereum account?
Similar to bank account. Every Ether belongs to an Ethereum account. You can create and own as many accounts as you want. Ethereum account is identified by address, like "0x36d2248f5a08846d235ed5dd67c63c01ecbc823a".
Software or hardware helps you manage your accounts. Wallet can store key files and help you send/receive Ether.
How does the whole thing work?
  • For every sports event, we deploy several "smart contracts", which is a piece of code, onto Ethereum.
  • The code is publicly available on Ethereum. No secret. See "Contract Code".
  • We publish the address of each contract here.
  • You directly send Ether to the address corresponding to the outcome of your choice to place a bet.
  • Wagers are held by the contract representing the game.
  • After the event ends, we send the result to the contract.
  • The contract then determines winners.
  • After we verify everything is correct, we request the contract to distribute returns.
How to bet
I am brand new, have no Ether...
Get Ether from cryptocurrency trading sites, such as coinbase, coinsqure. Find one which is reputable and works with your currency.
I've got Ether on exchange site, but no wallet yet...
  • At the time of writing, no exchange site that we know is capable of sending Ether to a smart contract, therefore in order to subscribe to an ICO or place a bet, you need a wallet.
  • There are many wallets you can choose from, e.g., MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, MetaMask, etc. We will use MyEtherWallet as example.
  • MyEtherWallet is open source and web-based. No need to download or install anything.
  • Open your browser, navigate to
  • Create your wallet.

    1. Click "New Wallet", enter password and click "Create New Wallet".

    2. Download keystore file and save it to a safe place, e.g., USB drive.

    3. Click "Save Your Address".

    4. Then unlock the wallet to start using it.

    5. Copy the new account address, and send Ether to it.

I've got Ether and wallet.
Just send Ether to the address representing the outcome of your choice.