Effective from Feb 22, 2018.

  1. You must bet from an address registered with woyale. The profit of a winning bet from an unregistered address will be forfeited and the original wager will be returned. If the profit is negative (happens when the amount of winning is less than rake), the original wager plus the negative profit will be returned. Losing bet will be distributed among winners.
  2. Players bet by sending Ether directly to the Smart Contracts on Ethereum corresponding to betting options.
  3. All bets are final.
  4. You can verify bets, returns, distributions and rake using the methods described in "Verify Bets, Returns and Distributions". The same methods will be used on dispute resolution.
  5. Bets after “bet close” time will be rejected. woyale is not responsible for the gas incurred from the transactions.
  6. The final result of a sport event is used to determine the outcome of a bet. Final result includes all overtimes, shootouts, penalty kicks etc, if applicable.
  7. After the final result of a match is available, woyale sends the result to the corresponding Smart Contract on Ethereum. Winners and returns are determined by Smart Contract automatically at this point.
  8. Within 24 hours after the final result of a match is available, woyale notifies the Smart Contract to distribute returns. Rake is collected at this time. However, woyale may need more time to verify game integrity therefore distribution will take longer time in this case.
  9. If any integrity breach is identified before returns are distributed, the Smart Contract is cancelled. All wagers are returned in full to originating accounts automatically. No rake is collected in this case.
  10. Integrity breach includes but is not limited to:
    1. Bets have been accepted after ‘bet close’ time due to Ethereum malfunction.
    2. Bets from insiders or individuals not allowed to bet are identified.
  11. In the event of Smart Contract cancellation, woyale is not responsible for the gas incurred from sending Ether to the Smart Contract.
  12. After distribution, the game is concluded. There is no way to recall Ether that have been transferred.
  13. Under age 19 are not allowed to play.
  14. Employees of woyale, and anyone else in any way connected to such employee, are not allowed to play.
  15. Players, referees, coaches, and other insiders who have direct or indirect influence on the outcome of a sports event are not allowed to bet on the event.