The basics
How do I know your game is fair?
You can check and verify everything yourself.
Definition of a sports event result.
A sports event result is the final result, including all overtimes, shootouts, penalty kicks etc, if applicable.
What does "-1.5" after a team's name mean?

It is called "spread". It levels the playing field, making betting on either the favorite or the underdog equally attractive.

E.g., Paris-1.5 vs. Berlin+1.5, if the final result is Paris 2 : Berlin 1, then after the spread, the result is Paris 0.5 : Berlin 1 or Paris 2 : Berlin 2.5, people bet on Berlin+1.5 win.

Who sets odds?
You and other fellow bettors collaboratively.
What is the minimum and maximum wager?
ETH 0.01 and ETH 50.00.
When do I get winnings?
Within 24 hours after the sports event ends, winnings will be sent to your account.
Our rate is 1%.
How does the whole thing work?
  • For every sports event, we deploy several "smart contracts", which is a piece of code, onto Ethereum.
  • The code is publicly available on Ethereum. No secret. See "Contract Code".
  • We publish the address of each contract here.
  • You directly send Ether to the address corresponding to the outcome of your choice to place a bet.
  • Wagers are held by the contract representing the game.
  • After the event ends, we send the result to the contract.
  • The contract then determines winners.
  • After we verify everything is correct, we request the contract to distribute returns.
How to bet?
Please see here.
What if...
What if something really wrong happens?
If we notice anything violating fairness and integrity, e.g., someone's bet goes through after the event started, the contract will be canceled. Ether of a canceled contract will be returned in full.
I want to bet on an event, but you don't have it.
Let us know and we will add it if there are enough interests.
My question is not here.
Just contact us by means listed in the bottom of the page.