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Player Protections

Effective from Feb 22, 2018.

  1. You must be 18 or older to participate in any games on this platform.
  2. Players identified as underage will forfeit their winnings, and will be banned from betting indefinitely.
  3. In the event of system interruption or loss of connectivity, you can verify if your bet has gone through by visiting "my bets" page once our system is back online or the connection is restored.
  4. All lottery games can be verified using the methods described here.
  5. For fixed odds games, winning players are guaranteed to be paid for the amount they are promised when they bet. If a game has no ability to cover your bet in case you win, your bet will be rejected or partially accepted.
  6. For games which are based on public events, e.g., World Cup or presidential election of the US, we will verify the result posted for a game via the event's website before winnings are distributed.
  7. Some games are based on private events that are impossible for us to verify. For these games, you must have full trust on the dealer and other players in order to participate. We are not liable for the outcome of the games.
  8. Any fraudulent or unlawful activities will result in permanent ban from our platform. Profit from these activities will be confiscated and returned to victims.
  9. Should you wish to file a complaint or dispute, please write us at with your name, account username, and details of your complaint. Your complaint will be assigned to a member of our Customer service team. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.
  10. Self-assessment of risks: the list below helps you determine if you may need to restrict your play.
    1. You spend longer and longer period of time on or similar sites.
    2. You lie about the amount of wagers you put down.
    3. You have hard time concentrating on your work because your mind is preoccupied by “how to make a winning bet”.
    4. You use money needed for paying bills to bet.
    5. You hope the next “big win” will bring your financial condition back in order.
    6. You neglect personal or family responsibilities to “analyzing teams to find a winning bet”.
  11. If you experience gambling problems or are affected by them, please do not hesitate to see help.
    1. Problem Gambling Help line 1-888-795-6111 (free from North America).
    2. GameSense is a helpful and resourceful place to assist you to play responsibly.
    3. Gambling Therapy.
    4. BeGambleAware.